Sunday, November 8, 2015


Hi there...
So yeah, finally, here I am again.
Some of you might already knew that... (sigh) I've lost my partner in life, L'amour de ma vie....And I am still deeply saddened by the passing of my spouse.

I won't talk much here, but you see... I've been burdened a lot by this situation. Ever since his first biopsy came out, which is last month or so. All I could think of was... to spend every teeny bits of my time to care for him. Hence my MIA period. But that time I got sick as well *it's the hello~ old friend menorhagia again* Well yes I am recuperating now, I'm all good now, I was discharged from hospital last month and everything was okay for me, except for one thing... The fact that my spouse is no longer here.

So yeah, I don't know if you're interested, but I decided to jot down everything on my new blog.
That would be all about me, my feelings, my thoughts, and my spouse.
I haven't started yet, but will update time to time on this new blog.

While I'm gonna keep this blog as a beauty blog, but behold, I don't even know when I'll be back :)
because you know, things aren't so easy now. It's hard, stress and depression has taken its toll on me countless time, I'm staggering. But you'll see that I'll stand still. I won't give up no I won't. For God loves me so much that He has planned everything for me beautifully, not on my own understanding. I trust Him with all my heart and everything would be good for me when the times come. Or so I think, because if I close my eyes now in my solitudeness. I could actually think that dear Lord, everything IS already beautiful. Thank you for everything. Soli deo gloria.

Lauw Willy, you will always be missed

Thursday, August 20, 2015

After Gazillion Months

Hi pals, yes... I'm alive, but still not being able to make any decent post for my blog. I haven't been at my best for months. Been sick, feeling unwell and yeah, lots of things happened *scrunching face*.
I'm physically sick, seriously, maybe from stress and I feel depressed most of the time. I reckon it's because I've been living alone for so long. I hope next year I could move and rent a room in a girl pub dorm or something. I just need to see peoples on my daily basis! lulz...

About beauty post, I'm afraid I'm still not in a condition where I'm able to make one. *eventhough I have a looooooooong list of make-up I'd love to review* *cries* *cries* Well... to be honest I have this skin problem, idk what I'm going to see a doctor soon. I've been so lazy to do a checkup.  It's on my face areas, and has been buggin me a lot for a month or two... I don't even dare to go out with my face like this. Okay it's not THAT scary. but some areas on my face has a pinky patch. And sure I won't be able to photograph myself with these things on my fez. Weird thing is. I've stopped wearing make-up for quite a long time and why's the rash? no idea lulz. I stopped using face make-up (foundie, base, and stuff) from late 2014. Though I'd still be wearing eye make-up when I go out til early 2015. But when I got the rash I totally stopped everything except mild skincare.

I just haaaaafta get well soon and back to blogger omgosh, hahahah.... I don't want to feel depressed anymore because of things that go around me. *pray... pray*
So yeah, as for now and maybe few months ahead. Just like I said, I might not be able to write any beauty-related post. As for a few sponsorship items that I've long received, I wouldn't be able to make a review as well. I feel terrible now but I've never had any intention to scam the company. Here's the pic:

Sorry purito I still can't try you out nor make any review >.< 

Anyhow. I really should try my best to cope up with my current situation. Stress has taken its toll on me I don't let it get to you okaaay?! :D Stress is bad! Bad.. bad... bad boi!

As for now, to reduce my stress, here's my plan: I'd play a game, a MMORPG, where I could meet ppl *virtually* on a daily basis. That game is RAGNAROK. It's a Korean online game but I play North America server. If you are into game you can also reach me here ^-^ I'm a social player. I've been thinking of making a comic sprite based on this game too, but I don't have the storyline yet. haha...

Here's an avatar I made, I love doing pixel art. This is a quick one.


I think that would be all for now. I wonder if I should just temporarily turn my blog to a random blog for a time being. I might write a quick post, maybe about food I'd love to try, art, games, or makeup inspirations or yea it might just be about anything. If I really write a post like that please don't hate me ^^ because I'm actually miss my blog so much and youuu too. But I was too afraid to even open my blog. I know I'd be sad because making usual post isn't doable :( That's it.

So yeah, I'll take my leave now, see you again soon :)

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Review: KJI & CO Pink Marker Lip Butter

Hello there, lovely creatures of the Earth! :D Few weeks ago, I got an offer from Perfect Beauty Shop to try KJI & CO 72 Hours Pink Marker Semi Permanent Lip Butter. So, let's do a quick review, shall we?

KJI & CO Pink Marker
72 Hours Semi Permanent Lip Tint & Butter!        
0.3 gr
Made in Japan

A fabulous lip butter made of natural ingredients to pamper lips while infusing a deep long-lasting pink color to lips. Stains lips with a semi-permanent sheer pink that looks incredibly healthy and sumptuously natural. Color remains steadfast on lips from day to night - you can wear it to bed, shower with it, kiss your children or significant other, enjoy your food & drinks, all with total confidence.

Creamy rich formula glides on smoothly imparting a luminous intense shine to lips. Lips don’t only look ravishing, but also feel superbly comforted.

Built-in mirror :)

 KJI & CO Pink Marker Lip Butter Swatches

KJI & CO Pink Marker Lip Butter on lips

KJI & CO 72 Hours Pink Marker Semi-Permanent Lip Butter is a lip tint type of thing, or tinted lip butter for short. It has a classic white to sheer pink color-change system, which reminds me alot to Cherry Pink Lip Cream from Bioglo I used several years ago, the color is super similar for that matter. However, KJI & CO Pink Marker is richer, and more buttery. 

Now if you see the name, 72 hours, in my opinion it's a bit exaggerating, haha! It won't last THAT long of course. I mean seriously, 72 hours :)) Sad this lip butter didn't survive 3 days on my lips. But even so, KJI & CO Lip Marker survived a day on my lips without reapplying, like hours and hours, even after I gobbled up lunch to dinner. The color is still there, only fainter. The moment you apply it, it leaves a shiny-buttery coating, if you smudge it, only the buttery cream will be wiped off, but the color remains, and it will last there on lips from day to night.

This lip butter is very moisturizing! It gives a buttery feeling on lips but minus the stickyness, win! I could see myself wearing this when my lips are being sensitive and physically damaged, lol.
I love the packaging too! Especially because of the little mirror attached on it. It's super convenient as I don't need to bring extra mirror on my pouch :3

Things that bothers me a bit is the aroma/taste of this lip butter, it tastes weeeeird haha... but then again it's not a dealbreaker for me, as you know, one of my HG tint from TFS tastes bitter on lips as well.

What I like:
♥ Long lasting
♥ Healthy looking sheer pink color on lips
♥ Moisturizing
♥ Mirror on the packaging :)

Not so loves:
- Bittery taste

If you are interested with this product, KJI & CO Pink Marker Semi Permanent Lip Butter is available on Perfect Beauty Shop with IDR 265 (US $ 26.5) price tag for every 0.3 gr tube.

 Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon!
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