FOTD: 14/06/2014 ♥

Yes~ my first FOTD for 2014!

Revlon whipped cream foundation #buff
Lioele mix concealer
The Face Shop face it radiance dual concealer (I used the creamy one)
SHU UEMURA sheer loose powder
TOO FACED chocolate soleil bronzer (just a bit to define my bulbous nose)
Etude House face designing brightener (nose& nose bridge, a little swipe on both cheek, on my cupid bow, chin)
CHANEL Joues Contraste in frivole

The Face Shop my lips eat cherry tint #1
Max Factor color elixir lipstick in pink brandy
The Face Shop jelly jello tint

Etude House Proof 10 Eye primer
Etude House Proof 10 auto eyeliner
Stile lovely in london palette (I used the lightest brown on bottom lash line)
The face shop single eyeshadow as a base color (nude peach)
Luview baked eyeshadow (brown)
A'pieu self makeup brow kit 
Estee Lauder mascara

I'm also wearing my second pair of GEO Mimi Almond brown that I bought from tomatoonshop. I freaking love this lens! aha!

 Classic hairstyle done at salon, haha...

 and a little bit rakugaki

p.s: sorry for the crappy phone cam :p


Quick Post: Hello, I'm Back! Finally!

Hey hey... how should I start this post. I'm literally scared now, lol!
Well, first of all, I want to apologize to all of you guys, especially those who've been following me for years, for the INTENSE lack lack lack of post, in short, my hiatus.
And yeah, finally after gazillion of months, I'll be officially back to blogger in May (probably mid to late May though), gotta established a reliable internet connection first and it would take a while, hopefully won't take long...


So yeah... the last couple of weeks, I've been busy packing up and getting everything ready for the move. Well, it's nearby tho, hehe...and my new room, I painted the wall myself and I chose wild rose peachy pink color, which turned out to be a little darker than I expected... but oh well~

Sorry for the crappy phone camera o:

My current (will soon be previous) bedroom is dark blue, which I dislike. Aaand.... my new room is a little bit smaller, but I think that's just OK, I won't jampacked all of my belongings there, since I'm going to move again after a few years haha...

Me in my old bedroom

My bedroom... has always been so MESSY! lmao.. I hope I won't dirtied everything up this time, lulz.
Allright... about me know - eventho there's nothing special about me actually- I changed my hairstyle, no bangs! yay! I've always afraid to have this kind of hairstyle cuz I initially think it would give me an oldie and boring look. But 2 months ago I was soooo lazy to cut even cut my bangs, and I just let 'em merge altogether with the rest of my hairs. And I think I like it, my eyebrows are very much visible now. hohoho....

So yeah, I'm going to make a decent review again as soon as I've settled everything, wish me luck ^-^b
And last but not least, THANK YOU for not leaving me -and my blog- during my hiatus, I soooo love you guys!

I'm gonna leave for now, today's working day :3 See ya next month

p.s: a few selcas to assure you that I'm doin fine, hehe... buhbye!


Review: Etude House Etoinette Princess Brush Collection

Today I'll be reviewing a set of brush from Etude House, which called ETOINETTE Princess Brush Collection. And because I think this set is uber adorable, I'm gonna spam this post with lots of pictures :3

Etude House Etoinette Princess Brush Collection (Natural goat brush)

- Lacey pouch
- Lip gradient tip (13cm)
- Soft touch powder brush (15 cm)
- Last touch fan brush (15.5 cm)

designed by: Sylvie de france DESIGN

  Etude House Etoinette Princess Brush Collection

 Etoinette Princess Brush lace pouch

Etoinette Princess Brush lace pouch details

 each of the brushes comes with a plastic brush guard

Cute yet elegant might be the best sentence to describe it. In terms of aesthetics I'd give it 5 out of 5 score. The main material is fabric, the pouch itself is lined with a gold-brown synthetic material and gold synthetic leather on the edge.The lace and the ribbon on the outer part are two things that makes this pouch look even more cute. But overall, the pouch has a bit of flimsy feel, I think it's because the fabrics used are quite thin. It has no zipper too, just a clasp button. I'd never dare to stuff it inside my bag on its own cuz the lace looks very frail and I'm afraid something would accidentally ripped it off.

 Typical of Etude House brushes, it sheds.

 Etoinette Princess Brush collection
Lip gradation tip, Soft touch powder brush (goat), Last touch fan brush (goat)

Etoinette Princess Brush  handle details
Gold doff metal ferrule and pink handle made from plastic, decorated with gold print ornament of Etoinette logo.

The face brushes are made up of natural bristles (goat) and half dyed.
Etoinette fan brush and powder brush.

Etude House Etoinette - Soft Touch Powder Brush (Goat)

Etude House Etoinette - Soft Touch Powder Brush (Goat) details

Etoinette Soft Touch Powder Brush:
First I must really tell you that I'm a BIG fan of white goat face brush (especially for powdering, goat hair is a must!) It delivers an even and easier application. Goat hair has more texture, so it holds and 'trap' products better. While this Etoinette powder brush is also made from goat hair, it does feels soft, not the softest though... but at least it doesn't feel scratchy and doesn't irritate my face. I'd say the softness is close to Masami Shouko 105.

Shu Uemura natural brush 27, Masami Shouko 105, Etoinette soft touch powder brush

On the left we have Shu Uemura natural brush 27, it's the travel size version and this is my current HG face brush, I literraly pet it! lol. Okay, back onto the review, this brush is quite dense, and with correct application I swear it will gives you a beautiful finish.
Please refer to Wayne Goss Video HERE, he'll tell you how to correctly use a powder brush. Just in case...

The overall design reminds me a lot to TOO FACED brushes collection, this one is cuter though, haha! Everything about the brush is carefully designed. The handle is made from a high quality plastic and so is the ferrule. Everything looks so HIGH END to my eyes.

cons: sheds a little.

 Etoinette last touch fan brush

Etoinette last touch fan brush:
As the name suggest, this is the last tool you would want to use on your face on each make-up application. This brush is also a natural one (goat) and also pink dyed on top. 
Mostly, people will use it to dust-off any excess product on face, but actually this type of fan brush holds more functions and is actually versatile. I've seen Wayne Goss using this kind of brush to apply bronzer, blusher, and even a powder. It totally depends on your preference. I myself rarely use a fan brush. I'd prefer an airy powder brush for dusting purpose, and the usual angled brush for bronzing. 
The bristles are soft but it sheds a little, nothing's too bad though. I usually use this brush to soften any hard edges of blusher or bronzer (if there's any!).

Etoinette lip gradation tip:
well, before I read about this brush on the description box, I was like. what the heck is this? It's too weird and I've never seen something as weird as this, haha! But yeah, it's supposed to be a lip 'rubber'. The tip is made of a porous rubber. And it's not soft at all. Anyhoo it does its job nicely, and it makes a good lip gradation perfectly. But I feel something is a bit off, well, idk. I think there's no difference whether I use my finger, a Q-tip, or this lip gradation tip to spread out products on my lips. It's all the same.

★ Etude House Etoinette Princess Brush Collection, Verdict:
The only brush that I actually use from this set is the powder brush. In my opinion, putting up a fan brush and a lip tip applicator in a set contain of only three brushes is really a waste. I'd prefer more staple brushes like eyeshadow or blending brush, or angled face brush. That's really unfortunate considering how cute these brushes are! haha...~but that's just me and this is my own preference.
I'd highly recommend this set for make-up brush lover and collector, not for those who are just starting into makeup business. All in all, this set is just an eye candy for me.
Would there be any sequel of Etoinette series, I hope its designer (SYLVIE DE FRANCE) will do something about the pouch, it's so fricking frail!! I hope it'd be more durable > . <

I think that's it for the review, the next Etude House brush that I'd like to review is the duo fibre/stiple brush (which shed like cats, lol). Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon ♥
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